Nose Job Update!

Hey all, I've finally decided to write an update on my nose at my new blog! Make sure to check it out.  If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to email me or post about them. Even if they're to tell me my nose looked better before.


We've Moved!

Hey everyone who even still reads this (I know I haven't written a post in three years so that's probably only two of you), I've moved to a new site!

I'm very excited about it. I plan to write about my adventures in going back to University. I'm studying archaeology and human anatomy so there will be a lot of posts about cool bones and artifacts.

As well, I plan on just documenting the everyday mundane which will include posts about fashion, food, dating, movies, and music.

Come along for the journey at


A Nose Twice Broken - A Surgery Story

After a very long hiatus, I have decided to come back to the world of blogging to share with everyone something a little bit on the controversial side of things. Yup, we're going to chat about plastic surgery! You see, I'm about to undergo the biggest, most exciting yet scariest moment of my life. I'm about to go under knife and get a nose job! Most people who know about it have told me that I don't need it and that I'm fine just the way I am, just the way God made me. Other people (my family and best friends) know how much I've wanted this since I was about 14 years old.

I guess I should really start at the beginning of my story and tell you dear readers how I got to this point in my life. I'm going to apologize for the length in advance but I intend to to give everyone full disclosure and hold nothing back!

I wasn't born with some sort of facial deformity and I definitely wasn't teased as a child because of the way I looked. I would say that on the scale of normal looking people, I was right in the middle.

{thanks for the bowl cut mom}

Then it happened. When I was in grade six and 11 years old, I broke my nose for the first time. You definitely read that right, the FIRST time (more on that later). It happened at school while I was out for recess. The boys started a snowball fight and someone packed some ice into one of the balls and wouldn't you know it, that's the one that decided to smack me dead center in the face (this is probably why they don't let kids throw snowballs anymore)! To be honest, I didn't even know what had happened except for that my face hurt like hell. There didn't even seem to be that drastic of a change to the way I looked at that time.

{starting grade 7 at the all girls school}

I guess I really started to notice the break around my 13th birthday. I looked at all of the pictures taken that day and couldn't believe that was how I looked. "That can't be how my nose actually looks!" I remember thinking when I looked at the pictures from the party.

{the first time my nose became noticable to me}

Now, here's where things get a little tricky. As most of you probably know, my sister is absolutely stunning (Holly from inthefunlane). Growing up with a girl that beautiful would have been rough on my self esteem as it were but coupled with the fact that my nose had been broken, it definitely took a nose dive. I always felt that I was being judged when I stood next to her and that I was considered the "less attractive" sister (it didn't help that I had absolutely no interest in being "girly" or even doing my hair).

Instead of trying to compete with her looks, I decided to seperate myself and go the other direction. While Holly became interested in fashion and popular music, I became interested in skateboarding and punk rock. I figured I couldn't be the pretty one so I'd be the punk rock one. I got some crazy ear piercings and my first tattoo during this period.

{wrist bands and baggy hoodies?! you know I was rocking those}

{at 17 and 18 I thought pink hair was awesome!}

{I even went the Ashlee Simpson route and dyed my hair black when my first
boyfriend dumped me.}

When I was 19, I had another tragic (to me) accident and broke my nose AGAIN. I was working in a bathing suit store with polished cement floors, tripped and landed directly on my face. Not a good feeling, let me tell you! I was devestated but not defeated because soon after that had happened, I found out that I had gotten accepted into art school for graphic art and would be leaving home to go to college in Kelowna, British Columbia (I'm originally from Edmonton, Alberta).

Immediately after moving to BC my spirits were lifted! I realized that I could just be myself and not have to worry about being compared to my sister and her looks since none of my new friends even knew who she was. That feeling really didn't last too long since I was living, studying and working in a city of some of the most beautiful people in this country. Every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see was that one BIG problem. Now, while I did learn to take my mind off of it (I guess it's easy to do when you're in college and spending most of your time partying), I always had this little nagging feeling that that was not how I was meant to look because of my twice broken nose. I soon became the master of facial angles, accessories and silly faces! Anything to distract from my one, HUGE insecurity.

{full disclosure means FULL disclosure}

{fake glasses are super cool}

{here's my nose in all of it's big, broken glory}

{another rare photo that shows my nose from a not so flattering angle}

Now, I've been back in Edmonton for almost 3 years and have settled nicely into the world of reality but have not been able to stop thinking about what I COULD have looked like had my nose not suffered the breaks. I've even gone so far as to often photoshop my pictures to downplay the issue.

A few months ago I finally took the plunge and visited a plastic surgeon here in Edmonton. He came highly recommended and it took me months to even get a consultation! While waiting for him to come in, I looked at his book of "before and afters" and I couldn't believe how amazing some of the results were. After he came into the room and talked about all the (quite obvious) problems with my nose, I almost started to cry. It seems so strange but it actually felt good to have someone acknowledge and validate what I have been feeling for the past 12 years of my life and that it could all be fixed. He told me that my nose was very unique in that it looks completely different from every. single. angle. Yes, you read that right, I have a nose that actually looks different in every picture of me but it can be fixed.

After a few weeks of thinking about this, I realized that this is something I've been wanting for 12 years of my life and if my nose has suffered trauma more than once, I feel that it's a completely justifiable surgery. I called the surgeons office and booked my appointment for September 20th which is fast approaching.

Now, some people will probably read this long and winded blog post and think, wow, she's either really self assorbed, really out to lunch or crazy. Believe me, it wouldn't offend me if you thought that since I've had people tell me all of those things to my face. I realize my nose isn't THAT bad (say, compared to people who've suffered in severe accidents and the like) but it is to me. I'm not trying to come across as "woe is me, my life is so terrible" because my nose has been broken, I'm just trying to be honest about my reasons and intentions for undergoing a fairly serious operation.

Anywho, I've taken out all of my piercings for the operation and let them heal up completely. I'm starting to get really excited but also really nervous. I know my looks wont change drastically and I don't expect to come out of surgery looking like a Hollywood starlet. I just expect to come out and say "Wow, I finally feel like ME!"

If you have any questions or comments about the surgery or any past experiences, I would love for you to share them in the comments! Seriously, like I said, this is all about full disclosure and I want to be able to have a frank and honest conversation about something that (for some reason) is still a bit controversial!

My next update on the nose job will probably early next week after my final appointment with the surgeon before I got under the knife!


PS: Sorry for the length and anything that doesn't make sense... I tend to be a rambler.

Birthday Weekend / Drool Worthy Oscar Fashions

Hello one and all!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I certainly did because I got to celebrate my 25th birthday! My birthday was yesterday but with all of the hullabaloo around the Oscars, it was easier to celebrate on Saturday which is also my dad's birthday! We started the party day by going to the World Waterpark in good ol' West Edmonton Mall with a few of my best friends and my sister, Sean and Wren! We ate birthday cake and swam the day away!
{not my birthday cake}

Apparently swimming all day did NOT help this horrible cold I was nursing because it came back yesterday in full force and I was forced to spend my entire birthday laying in bed while watching episodes of Dateline! Good thing I had the Oscars to keep me company during the evening! Can anyone else agree with me that Anne Hathaway and James Franco were horrible hosts?! I cringed every time Anne was on the stage. They were just plain rotten!

Anyway... moving on to the best part of any Hollywood evening! The fashion! These were my favorites of the night:
{can she be anymore of a bombshell?! Ugh, I'm constantly jealous of how drop dead gorgeous she is}

{Only Cate Blanchett could pull of this dress but I LOVE it! I also adore her hair and it has me thinking of cutting all of mine off.}

{Is it possible for a pregnant girl to look any better than this?!}

{Probably the most stylish 14 year old in Hollywood! I don't care if I'm 11 years older than her, I want that dress!!}

Here's another dress from the weekend that I would wear, pregnant or not! Natalie Portman, give my your stylist's number. Please and thanks!!

What were your favorite looks from the red carpet? Did all your favorites win? DISH MY PRETTIES!


Throw Pillows

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a strange love affair with throw pillows! I want them on everything!! There have been about a dozen throw pillows I have almost purchased for our living room but just couldn't commit for different reasons (color, price). Yesterday while surfing the net I came across the most perfect throw pillows (for us) know to man and knew I just HAD to have them.
Definitely swoon worthy... right? Let's take a closer look at the pattern:

I ordered two and I'm not sure whether they should go in the living room or the bedroom (the headboard is the exact color as the bright yellow) but at this point I'm just happy to snag these beauties for a reasonable price!



Recently I was paid to do some testing for a new website before it went live. I finished my job quite a while ago and didn't think anything more of it until a very generous surprise payment arrived in my paypal yesterday!

Instead of doing anything remotely responsible with my new windfall, I immediately browsed on over to my favorite online boutique, Modcloth! If you are in need of any cute, new clothes I would suggest getting over there right away because they are having a huuuuuuuuuge sale! I was able to snag three adorable dresses for $60.00 that would have cost over $200.00 at regular price.

Enough talk, on to the pictures of the dresses:


There were tons more that I would have purchased but I was determined to spend only this new, extra cash I had!

If any of you decide to buy something new, let me know what you got or better yet, tell me what you dream of getting! I hate being the only one who's dreaming of clothes. LOL


Puppy Makeover

For anyone who has a dog they know how hard it can be to maintain a perfect looking coat of fur (or hair depending on the breed). When we first got Rosy, she was basically a ball of matted hair! It really wasn't the fault of my sister or Sean because really, who has time to groom a dog with a baby running around? I really really tried to maintain her hair and made sure to brush and bathe her regularly. Unfortunately, as the weather got worse, so did poor little Rosy's coat! She is a constant licker which means her hair gets matted exponetially faster than it would otherwise. While away in California we really felt like we made some headway on keeping her nice and groomed! We got rid of about 95% of all the tangles and mats!! Of course, as soon as we got home, Rosy was up to her old tricks and licking herself while no one was around. GRR! We really had no choice but to take her to the groomer!

{Wren and I with Rosy while on vacation. You can see how long she used to be}

I was really hesitant about taking her to the groomer because she does NOT do well with people she doesn't know poking, prodding and clipping her. Well, apparently our new groomer is a magician because not only was he able to to cut all of Rosy's hair, he was also able to clip her nails which is a huge feat!!

{She doesn't look too happy because I just woke her from a nap to take this picture.}

At first I was a little startled at HOW short her hair was cut but it has definitely grown on me! Now, as her hair grows out, it will be soooo much easier to maintain... if only we could get her to stop licking! We also realized just how much weight she's gained in the last little while so it looks like it's diet time for the pooch. The only down side to this trimmed new look is that every time she needs to go outside to use the restroom, she now has to wear a jacket. Oh well, it's a small price to pay for such a high fashion look. LOL


PS: The new design blog is all up and running! All Digital Confection Design give aways  and discounted blogs will be featured there. Make sure to check out the link at the top of the page or on my blog roll.